About Juno

We create innovative products that are as much about personal preference as they are about simplicity and precision.

Twelve Vapor
Specific to the challenges associated with a product this small, with great intention and calculated engineering, we have designed not only what you see but what you feel.
The perfect balance of Heat, Air flow and vapor production combined with the specially formulated Juno Pods, precisely Yields one of the most satisfying and efficient nicotine delivery devices on the market.

JUNO E-Liquid Pods - Staying true to our core belief of creating a truly personal vaping experience,Twelve created two distinct E-liquid Pod Collections.

Elements Collection

Four fundamental flavors: Fruit, Dessert, Tobacco, and Menthol. Simple, yet as timeless as the elements themselves.

Signature Collection

Twelve flavors created with their significant astrological sign in mind.